Logan James Groth 14-05-2010 14-05-2010

Gone but never forgotten my sweet little man.

Baylee 01-10-2002 28-11-2002

Happy 8th Heavenly Birthday today Baylee!!

Lily-Rose Anne Davison 03-11-2008 03-11-2008

Never enough time to say hello
No time to say goodbye.

Matthew Bradley Torzillo 21-04-1992 21-04-1992

Some people only dream of angels- we held one in our arms!
Loved and missed every day!
Love, Mom and Dad

Tadge Savage 24-04-2008 24-04-2008

Loved from the moment I knew I was carrying you…..missed so dearly.
I love you little man xx

Baby T 01-03-1991 01-03-1991

Forever in our hearts!

Love~Mommy and Daddy

Max Marshall Jukes 24-06-2010 26-06-2010

~ A tiny flower, lent not given,
to bud on Earth and bloom in Heaven ~

Kira May Grace Wildman 11-03-2007 11-03-2007

The Angel in the book of life,

Wrote down our Kira’s birth,

And whispered as she closed the book,

“Too Beautiful for Earth”

Ashley Grace Lechtrecker 13-08-2010 13-08-2010

My heart is forever broken,

I will love and miss you for the rest of my life.

Until we meet again my precious angel,
mommy loves you

Austin Lee Lawrence 09-09-2010 09-09-2010

You are missed so very much!

Oh how I wish I could hold you one more time!!

Mommy and Daddy love you