Baby Noor Eltana 23-01-2010 23-01-2010

Baby Noor…
We miss you so much.

You bought us joy and happiness to our life.

You’re our little guiding angel waiting for us in heaven.

Love you forever…
Mummy, Daddy,
Big brother Shadi

Isidore Mavrogenis 04-09-2010 01-09-2010

I had u for just 6 months in my tummy I loved u so much my beautiful boy mummy misses u

Angel Nicole 24-12-2011 24-12-2011

Our precious Christmas Eve Angel born sleeping peacefully at 25 weeks & 6 days.

Not a day goes by without you in our thoughts & your beautiful angelic face & petite features.
Angel you are always in our thoughts & forever in our dreams,

loving you always Daddy, Mummy, Jakob & Aylah xoxox

Patrick Luke Thomas Ryan 17-03-1996 17-03-1996

‘It was when you saw only one set of footprints, that I carried you…’ Always in my heart, every part of my soul

Xavier Andrew 14-12-2011 22-12-2011

Miss you so much my specail little boy. You are always in our thoughts and hearts. Love you always Daddy, Mummy and Big brothers Nicholas and Julian

Sophie Ellen 31-05-2007 31-05-2007

“I sit and plead for you to stay, to cradle you a while,
You look at me so tenderly and breathe a little smile,
You shake your head gently, and point to skies above,
Whisper to me, “I’m sorry”, with such devotion and love.”

14 years on and still cry for my beautiful daughter.
I love and miss you more with each passing day.

Mummy xxx

Ezra Joseph 15-11-2008 15-11-2008

We long to hold you in our arms again, and kiss your sweet little face.

Loving you forever and ever, Mommy, Daddy, Ryan and baby brother Isaac.

Serena Lesley Cisneros 25-08-2009 15-03-2010

Serena is my angel,my figther, we miss her with all of are hearts, she is always missed loved, Serena had a heart condition call hcm hyperthrophic cardiomyopathy.
My baby had a cardiac arrest due to her hcm and she earn her wings.
She was just 6 months old 10 more days for her to be 7 months old..She is my ladybug and forever we miss her.

Evie Grace Butler 04-04-2011 04-04-2011

You were to be our rainbow baby, but God had other plans and instead you joined your angel brother in the clouds.
You will always be our little girl.

Thank you for teaching us how to hope again. Forever loved by your family. xx