Nicole is a mother of 4 young children, Kyle, Katelyn, Jessica and Danielle. She has been a stay at home Mum for almost 9 years and loves every minute & is currently studying early childhood education.

Nicole found YGOH in 2011, by chance, on Facebook and instantly knew it was a charity she would love to support. She has always loved all things crafty and started scrapbooking before her first child was born. This made it a very easy decision for her to volunteer her time to YGOH & become become a journal decorator. Nicole cherishes every journal she designs.

Seeing all the dedication Rachael and the whole team of volunteers put in, Nicole decided that joining the committee to give all the extra support and help she could was an exciting next step.

Nicole hasn’t experienced loss like many others but has many family members and friends who have. This has made her much aware of how common this heartache is. Being able to offer her support and recommend YGOH is her way of ensuring that all families receive the guidance they need at such a hard time.